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M. Hadi Bil’id - President Director

Mr Muhammad Hadi Bil’id has been a self made entrepreneur for the last 20 years and has successfully built multiple businesses in different sectors across Indonesia. In 1988 Mr Bil’id built a successful civil construction company in his hometown Lombok.

After reaching this height he decided to migrate to Jakarta in 1989 where he founded Valco Corporation and one of his first ventures was in the Power Plant EPC business where he formed a joint venture with Black & Veatch a US based EPC company which then this partnership controlled 25% of the EPC market in Indonesia between 1993 to 1998 with an annual turnover of USD 1 billion.

After the successful partnership with Black and Veatch, Mr Bil’id move to upstream oil and gas sector preliminary with various partnerships in acquiring exploration assets in Indonesia subsequently moving into a formal partnership with Anadarko Petroleum where Valco and Anadarko worked on a partnership in building Anadarko’s business in Indonesia from the year 2000 to 2007 with gross asset valuation in excess of USD 300 million.

Mr Bil’id has since then building Valco Corporation as an investment holding company with assets and projects within the Energy, Natural Resources and Agriculture sectors with Indonesia as its launch pad. Mr Bil’id has a Bachelors degree in agriculture studies and has been through numerous certification andtraining programs in the Power Plant EPC and Oil & Gas Upstream to downstream operations.

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