Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012
Additional Funds Fuel Rp16 Trillion

 JAKARTA-Parliament finally approved the proposed additional demand 4.04 million kiloliters of subsidized fuel quota by the government on Monday (17/9) night.

Additional special quota, the government is prepared to spend a considerable, namely Rp16 trillion.
Under the agreement, fuel quota this year as many as 40 million kiloliters. Along with the use of control, use of subsidized fuel had reached 29.48 million kiloliters, and only the remaining 10.68 million kiloliters by August 2012, or over quota to 11%.
Quotas were just enough to meet the needs for 2 months. The Government also frantic, finally asking additional approvals and is expected to be sufficient to the needs of December.
Director General of Oil and Mineral Resources Ministry Evita Legowo said the additional costs to be incurred depending on the difference between the price of fuel subsidies with economic price. "Now what the price difference, yes about Rp16 trillion. It was a rough count, "he said on Tuesday (18/9).
According to him, the decision of a meeting between the government and the House of Representatives Commission VII is immediately given to the Finance Ministry for further action. While the decision to the House of Representatives went on the House Budget Agency.
Deputy Finance Minister Mahendra Siregar said yet calculated how many dollars to be spent to pay an additional quota of fuel subsidy amounting to 4.04 million kiloliters. "I do not know if it was, not been updated."
Mahendra said the current subsidy is not sustainable and impact to a lot of parties. The amount of subsidy should be adjusted. However, when asked about the gap to increase prices, Mahendra said a lot of things to consider.
"We see pressure from various parties, reality of what happened was inevitable. We all have to respond appropriately to resume growth and maintain investor confidence in Indonesia, "he explained.
Earlier, Minister Jero Wacik said additional demand fuel subsidy quota of 4.04 million kiloliters of fuel consumption caused by the realization of the already over-quota subsidy up to 11%.
LPG Demand Up
Of an additional 4.04 million kiloliters, the government requested an additional 3.43 million kiloliters of premium, 1.11 million kiloliters of diesel and 0.22 million liters to 3 kg LPG.
The request was due to the increasing public awareness of the switch from kerosene to LPG, and increased social welfare.
Commission VII of the House of Representatives agreed to set additional fuel oil (BBM) amounted to 4.04 million kiloliters of subsidized through December 2012.
"Yes, the Commission VII of the House agreed approve our proposal," said Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Wacik after meeting with Commission VII of the House of Representatives regarding the discussion and determination of fuel subsidy Over Quota In 2011 and 2012, Monday (17/9) night.
On occasion at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday (18/9), Jero added extra was partially subsidized fuel would be met through imports. "The additional supply of fuel subsidy portion of imports."
In addition, the Parliament also decided to approve the payment of additional quota of fuel subsidies in 2011, which reached 1.27 kiloliters. Although the government agreed to the proposal, the House hopes the government can memanfatkannya well.
Members of the House of Representatives Commission VII of the Golkar faction Satya W Yudha said the government must do some important things, among them prevent hoarding or diversion of fuel subsidies.
"Do not blame the growth of motor vehicles," he said.

Source : Bisnis Indonesia