Wednesday, 19 Sep 2012
Rates Relocation in Priok Start Wild

 JAKARTA-levy rates relocation of general cargo in the Port of Tanjung Priok getting out of hand after the service tariff guidelines that have expired since July 2012.

Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Jakarta Customs Affairs and Trade Import Export Widijanto said the owner of imported goods relocation services reported accumulation rates (PLP) or relocation of the general cargo higher than the previous tariff agreements.
"Now levied by PLP partners higher rates, some even wearing surcharge [extra cost]," he said on Tuesday (18/9).
Lags operator to fix the problem Tanjung Priok relocation rates, he said, is unfortunate because it affects the high costs at the port.
In fact, the rate at Tanjung Priok PLP expired since July 15, 2012.
"During this time, enjoying the relocation rate is largely PLP partners only act as brokers move cargo," he said.
Widijanto states omission general cargo tariffs are expensive relocation potentially raise the cost of logistics at the Port of Tanjung Priok.
"As well as the service rates of imported goods status LCL [less than container load] which also expired almost 2 years but left to this day," he explained.
He urged PT Ports Indonesia (Pelindo) II and stakeholders in the port immediately sit together to discuss issues of port tariffs in the port.
Secretary General of the Association of Hoarding While Indonesia (Aptesindo) Syamsul Hadi said general cargo relocation tariff agreements must involve many parties. "So it takes time to fix it," he said.
Previously, Syamsul explain the relocation rate of general cargo or general cargo and heavy equipment or breakbulk not regulated or defined antarpebisnis (business to business).
However, he said, a number of partners in the journey PLP is not uniform tariffs.
"Well, the deal was to escort rates. It is now out of date because it must be a solution found sitting with all relevant associations, "he said.
Proposed GINSI
Joint National Importer Indonesia (Importer) also urged the PLP rates and breakbulk general cargo at the Port of Tanjung Priok abolished to encourage efficient national logistics.
Secretary GINSI Tento Achmad Ridwan also said the issue should be resolved PLP rates so that there is certainty in the harbor.
During this time, the cost of handling or relocation PLP and breakbulk general cargo at the Port of Tanjung Priok PLP rate refers to the agreement signed Pelindo II with a number of associations in the Port of Tanjung Priok on July 15, 2011. The agreement is valid for one year or until July 15, 2012.
Under the deal moving rates charged Rp40.000 per cbm per ton, receiving 15,000 per cbm per ton, delivery 15,000 per cbm per ton, storage Rp2.250 per cbm per ton, and administrative 50,000 per delivery order (DO).
PLP handling heavy equipment trucks charge buildup Rp2.250 per cbm per ton, using a low bed moving R1, 750 million and administrative 50,000 per DO.
When the PLP rates of heavy equipment use charge stacking driver Rp2.250 per cbm per ton, 250,000 movements per unit and administrative 50,000 per DO.
Source: Bisnis Indonesia