Wednesday, 5 Dec 2012
7 Companies Ready for Amendment Contract

JAKARTA - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) targets there will be about five coal companies and two companies that are ready to sign another mineral amendments contract renegotiation outcomes. Director General of Mineral and Coal Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Sihite Thamrin said it was difficult to target how many companies are ready to sign the amendment to the contract renegotiation outcomes. Even so, he expects there will be five working agreements Coal Mining Concession (PKP2B) and two Contract of Work (CoW) again were ready to be signed. "Kinda hard we predict, but renegotiation road continues. Until the end of this year if only there will be an additional five PKP2B and 2 households that are ready, "said Thamrin, Tuesday (4/12).

That way, there are about 19 mining companies that are ready to sign the contract amendment renegotiation outcome, consisting of four companies and 15 mineral coal company. In the middle of last month, claiming the existing Thamrin 12 mining companies that are ready to sign the contract amendment renegotiation outcome, consisting of two companies and 10 mineral coal company. Thamrin explains the 19 companies had reached an agreement but not yet at the stage of signing. Because the procedure should go first to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, and then apply to the Minister for Economic Affairs as Chairman Tim renegotiation. "So it is only recently initialed agreement. So later the Minister first, then Minister for Economic Affairs, and the Minister again. I'll see her again, and a new signature, if possible next year, asked the minister, "he explained.

Keep on Walking Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa said the work of a mining contract renegotiation keep going. According to him, many significant advances during the renegotiation process is running. "Progress nice, there are some that have been completed and are still running. There are some already finished, "said Hatta There are currently six major issues under discussion in the renegotiation of mining contracts between the government and mining entrepreneur. First there is an area, and state revenues, refining processing, divestitures, contract extension, and the use of domestic goods and services. Hatta assured renegotiation process will go according to plan. "That would have been finished so stay signed by the minister. Baberapa unfinished no points to be resolved. So, we asked also to IATMI for member contributions to this matter, "he added. Based on data from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal by 13 November 2012, the number of holders of mineral Contract of Work (COW) recorded a total of 37 while the coal company shareholders PKP2B Agreement (Coal Mining Exploitation Work) by 74. Previously, based on data from the Ministry of Energy, renegotiation completion targeted by the end of this year as many as 13 KK PKP2B and 6. Furthermore, until the end of 2013 the target can be completed by 52 PKP2B renegotiation and 29 families.